Keeping your life in order

A simple easy to use task manager, with subtasks.

Add A Main Task

Tasks are divided between main tasks and subtasks. To add a main task simply fill in the box at the top of that page that says main task and click add.

Add A Sub Task

To add a task within a task (a subtask) click on the details button of a task, then click the "Add Subtask" link. You can create subtasks of subtasks of subtasks as far as you want to go.

Complete A Task

To finish a task click the box to the left of the task name. Note - all subtasks will be completed as well.

Delete A Task

To delete a task click on the details button, then click on the "Delete" link. Note - all subtasks will be deleted as well.


All tasks can have notes, to edit or view the notes click on the details button, then click on the "Notes" link.

Sorting Tasks

Tasks can be sorted simply by drag and drop. Note - if a subtask list is open then the parent tasks can not be sorted.

Add a Due Date

Tasks can have a due date, this is found by clicking on the Details button then clicking the "Options" link.

Show/Hide Completed Tasks

By default completed tasks are hidden, these can be shown by clicking the "Show Completed" link at the top of the task list.